ePUB Sharpe's Havoc: The Northern Portugal Campaign, Spring 1809: The Sharpe Series, Book 7Author Bernard Cornwell – Albawater.co

A Small British Army Is Stranded When The French Invade Northern Portugal And Lieutenant Richard Sharpe Meets The Future Duke Of Wellington Sharpe Is Stranded Behind Enemy Lines, But He Has Patrick Harper, His Riflemen, And He Has The Assistance Of A Young, Idealistic Portuguese Officer When He Is Joined By The Future Duke Of Wellington They Immediately Mount A Counter Attack And Sharpe, Having Been The Hunted, Becomes The Hunter Once Amidst The Wreckage Of A Defeated Army, In The Storm Lashed Hills Of The Portuguese Frontier, Sharpe Takes His Revenge Soldier, Hero, Rogue Sharpe Is The Man You Always Want On Your Side Born In Poverty, He Joined The Army To Escape Jail And Climbed The Ranks By Sheer Brutal Courage He Knows No Other Family Than The Regiment Of The Th Rifles Whose Green Jacket He Proudly Wears

8 thoughts on “Sharpe's Havoc: The Northern Portugal Campaign, Spring 1809: The Sharpe Series, Book 7

  1. Giorgos Karagiannis Giorgos Karagiannis says:

    Sharpe s Havoc is at best a mediocre book, possibly the worst in a series which in entertaining and at times thrilling However, it is not a tiresome read and is useful in linking the previous book with the Talavera campaign As a sidenote, Cornwell probably forgot that Sharpe met General Daddy Hill for the first time in the next book chronologically , as he clearly states there, and gives him a cameo role here during the book s best action scene in the retaking of Oporto.All in all, a book clearly intended for Sharpe fans

  2. Mr. Roy E. Bishop Mr. Roy E. Bishop says:

    great storey

  3. mrs m cox mrs m cox says:

    I am Reading all 21 Sharpe books in chronological order,enjoyed this 7th one very much.Even better than the tv series.

  4. Phil Shears Phil Shears says:

    Great book good read delivered on time

  5. Derek Derek says:

    Great series and delivery and price good.

  6. K H Brady K H Brady says:

    Cornwell s Sharpe s Havoc is as gripping as ever Helps to bring a part of Englands history to life.

  7. adaptations.se Customer adaptations.se Customer says:

    Not party of the orgianal book set but a great addition to the collection

  8. Mr. C. G. Cutler Mr. C. G. Cutler says:

    Good book,good value.