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This is a culture specific read, but it is full of strong universal spiritual passages for those who are seeking to read up on esoteric spiritual magical lore For me, this book is not fiction It is highly insightful and can teach us much about our innate power women in particular Marvellous read could not put it down Relished every word Read it slowly to fully take it in. Marion Zimmer Bradley s Arthurian creation is dreamy, deviant, dangerous and sometimes just plain odd.The first installation in her Avalon series, The Mists of Avalon focuses on familiar characters from Arthurian legend, detailing their various rises and falls Bradley models and refashions the legends in her retelling, making it distinctly her own in several ways Narrative perspective this is famously a feminist perspective on a story traditionally dominated by knights and quests The narrative is framed by Morgaine s first person retrospective narration while the rest is told in first person The story begins with Igraine, Arthur s mother, long before the Round Table was ever installed in the hall, even before Arthur s conception Character interpretation Bradley also re casts the two most notorious women of the story Morgaine commonly known as Morgan le Fay , and Gwenhyfar Guinevere Morgaine is the story s heroine who drives the plot s action as she moves through the major settings of the book from the magical, pagan isle of Avalon to Arthur s court at Camelot and even to fairyland Gwenhyfar is less sympathetically portrayed as a close minded, pious, devout Christian who struggles to reconcile her faith with her sinful passion for Lancelet.This is an extremely long book, clocking in at over 1,000 pages, so it s quite a commitment to finish Despite being a slow burner, much of this book doesn t drag at all, as it offers the reader a fascinating insight into the characters lives over the decades, propelled throughout by a melodic, haunting and mystical writing style.The Mists of Avalon covers the personal, political and spiritual characters passions and wants are inextricably entwined with religious upheaval and the machinations of the royal court The decline of the pagan religion and rise of Christianity is a prevalent theme, one on which most of the characters relationships whether those of passion, love or fuelled by animosity hinge.Unfortunately, I think the novel s major weakness is the end This lengthy tome puts up a good fight but loses momentum in the last few hundred pages as events become and ridiculous I lost sympathy for the character who I loved and rooted for, Morgaine, which made me much disengaged with the story itself.The climactic ending which is foreshadowed from as early as the Prologue deserved page time, and the main villain of the story should have received development and insight into his her motives no spoilers This lack of understanding made the final events less satisfying and rich.Ultimately, the quality of the end made me relieved that I had finally finished this especially as it took me over a month to read it It s a shame as for much of this audiobook s 50 hours I was under its spell.Note Davina Porter narrates the audiobook and she is truly excellent her voice is compelling, rich and sophisticated and she effectively gives the wide cast of characters their own voice. I love this book, the story is intriguing and told from the female perspective so quite different from other Arthurian tales However having lent out my copy and the recipient losing it i was gifted with this The publishers should be ashamed the paper is of poor quality actual feel is like izal toilet paper,the book is smaller but thicker,this means the type is so small its unreadable even with reading glasses its to much of a struggle everything is so tight.I am so disappointed and now on the lookout for an older better copy This is a long book and not really for the faint hearted.A very clever retelling of the Arthurian legend,told solely from a female perspective.It is much cleverer than the usual scenario of Morgaine badArthur good.It is indeed a battle for powerbut not so one dimensional as a battle for the throne,but a battle for the hearts and minds of men.If the author does go off at times on a tangent,then she than makes up for it,by offering the reader a story which is rich in imagery,character and mythology.A really good read. I bought new book directly sells from the 10.99 ones and they do send this book with all other books However, this book is folded, with at least 10 pages has a cut on edge of the page Obviously this is not a new book I still could read it, and would say the book is at least comfortable and easy to read for first chapter Nice view from Morgaine and different with stories about Camelot s I read before Just a pity that the book sell by which said to be new to be a second hand book hope never have this problem again. I read MOA when it first came out and it became one of my favourite ever books I ve recently started reading the other Avalon books and revisited Mists It was a pleasure to reread an old friend.There are an abundance of disappointing errors in this kindle edition missing speach marks, h s instead of b s and some irregularities in continuity that need ironing out, so I d recommend the real book until such a time as the ebook has been fully edited My 4 s is reflective of this.It is the best retelling of the Arthur and Avalon legends that I ve ever come across, rivalled only by the great Mary Stewart s stories which focus mostly on Merlin.The historical research is detailed and superb The spiritual world of the times really comes to life and the telling of how Christianity threatened to take over, yet the old ways weaved their own way into the teachings of the priests is fascinating The characters are three dimensional and I found myself caring about all of them Zimmer Bradley brings a real sense of the ancient history that was instrumental in shaping the beautiful green lands of Britain.I m now really looking forward to reading the rest of the series. A Posthumous Recipient Of The World Fantasy Award For Lifetime Achievement, Marion Zimmer Bradley Reinvented And Rejuvenated The King Arthur Mythos With Her Extraordinary Mists Of Avalon Series In This Epic Work, Bradley Follows The Arc Of The Timeless Tale From The Perspective Of Its Previously Marginalized Female Characters Celtic Priestess Morgaine, Gwenhwyfar, And High Priestess Viviane