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This is possibly my least favourite Cornwell book so far Don t get me wrong, the writing isn t terrible, but a lot of the characters just seemed watery and two dimensional We are constantly reminded that the main character, Nate Starbuck is a Yankee in the South, and many characters constantly doubt his loyalties or think he s a weakling due to that Another complaint is that until the last hundred or so pages, there s no action bar a small raid on a train, and the action is where Cornwell s books shine.To be totally fair, once the Battle of Bull Run Or Manassas, depending on your view here picks up, the book does improve and I enjoyed the battle scenes, but the book took too long getting there Hell, Nate doesn t even kill anyone until near the end of the novel I think the page count kind of hampered this, if it was shorter, it may have allievated the boredom and toil of getting to Bull Run The Sharpe books are normally 100 pages less than this and are full of action.However, despite this, I ll probably finish the series because I aim to devour everything Cornwell has written, and I m sure the books will be interesting once the Civil War ramps up, but this book just didn t grab me like I hoped it would. This first book in a chronicled story is a great way to top up on American history Having not been taught anything of the sort in school, my fascination with the era is finally quenched This is a character driven novel, which makes you feel deeply saturated in the different personalities and hideous attitudes depicted Nate Starbuck is a young man with traits relatable to all readers whether a younger version of yourself or just as a younger reader The story continues as we grow with Nate. As with all new series, the introduction of characters slows down the early chapters but anyone that likes Bernard Cornwell will love this book and the rest of the series Historically accurate, as usual, it follows the same pattern of his Sharpe series using the American civil war as the background for a study in human nature in conflict Once picked up it is very difficult top put back down. Like many others, I found this slightly slow to start with while you get to know the characters, and Starbuck himself starts off as an unlikely hero However it is well worth sticking with As soon as the battles commence the book becomes totally absorbing, and I went straight on to the next 3 in the series immediately The series as a whole I would definitely rate as 5 star, and needs to be read in order so as to appreciate the development of all the characters Cornwell is an excellent writer, and has awakened in me a new interest in the Civil War where I ve gone on to delve into the history of some of the battles and events.Once you get into the character, Starbuck is every bit as interesting a hero as Sharpe, and the quality of Cornwell s narrative is superb I only wish he would go on and write the promised 5th Starbuck novel. This is the second Bernard Cromwell book that I have read, and like the first, Sea Lord , I was most impressed with they way Mr Cromwell draws the reader into the story and involves you with the nitty gritty of the story In this case it is the lead up an involvement of a North American youth masquerading as a Southern Army officer who against his Fathers wishes gets involving in fighting the Civil War and in particular the Battle for Bull Run The soldier has a history, and that is equally laid out in this really involving statement of all that is good and bad in human relationships. Really enjoyed reading about the ACW Eye opening how brutal it was and need Starbuck books. I am a great fan of Bernard Cornwell and read as many of his books as I can get my hands on His grasp of the historical fictional mix is totally rivetting I hope that the rest of the Starbuck series is an improvement on this one There are parts that are over described and one tends to skip a page or two the Bull Run battle scenes for instance But although I feel that this book is not up to the standard of his Uhtred series, it is neverthless a pretty good read and my slight criticism should not detract from you purchasing this one. The First Book In Bernard Cornwell S Best Selling Series On The American Civil War It Is Summer The Armies Of North And South Stand On The Brink Of America S Civil War Nathanial Starbuck, Jilted By His Girl And Estranged From His Family, Arrives In The Capital Of The Confederate South, Where He Enlists In An Elite Regiment Being Raised By Rich, Eccentric Washington Faulconer Pledged To The Faulconer Legion, Starbuck Becomes A Northern Boy Fighting For The Southern Cause But Nothing Can Prepare Him For The Shocking Violence To Follow In The War Which Broke America In Two