Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay: The Neapolitan Novels, Book 3 books –

Fantastic I have loved all the Neapolitan novels but they seem to get even better as they go along The portraits of Naples and the neighbourhood are so vivid it is like reading a film script The relationship between the women is rivetting But so, too, are their life stories These books are page turners which are also beautifully written Ferrante has a frankness which is very appealling Her novels never seem contrived, just well observed and utterly absorbing I can t wait for the fourth to be translated into English This is the third installment in this gripping story of friends Elena and Lila set in Italy I was immersed in their lives and can t wait to read the 4th and final book in the series I feel that the characters are so real and believable A great read This is love I ve never read books so quickly with such intensity I m on my 4th book and I m dreading to reach the last page knowing that it s the last second they d be part of my life Story is about the two dazzling girls and how they each shape each others lives and really exquisitely told.I share a close friendship with two girls myself for over two decades and they are each so very magical Not many people can enter our worlds but these girls in the books and Elena Ferrante really have Best story telling. Great books A very interesting and tender study of women s friendships Having read all four my only beef would be that they are way too pricey on Kindle Won t be buying on Kindle again at those prices as at least with the book it s possible to lend it to others or give it to charity afterwards Kindle is environmentally friendly though. I love this series, this being the third one All beautifully written and especially interesting in their portrayal of mid twentieth century Naples society, the politics, attitudes to women, poverty etc They follow the lives of two women, Lina and Elena or Len , best friends, both very intelligent and ambitious, and who are trying to escape from the rigid life patterns they are expected by society to follow.It helps to have read the first two books before this one for a fuller understanding of the various characters. I have loved all of the Neopolitan Novels, there s a richness and depth to them, they paint a picture of a lifetime of female friendship, of Neopolitan life, the consequences of love and beneath it all the enduring personalities of two women. The Incredible Story Continues In Book Three Of The Critically Acclaimed Neapolitan Novels In This Third Neapolitan Novel, Elena And Lila, The Two Girls Whom Were First Introduced In My Brilliant Friend, Have Become Women Lila Married At And Has A Young Son She Has Left Her Husband And The Comforts Her Marriage Brought And Now Works As A Common Laborer Elena Has Left The Neighborhood, Earned Her College Degree, And Published A Successful Novel, All Of Which Has Opened The Doors To A World Of Learned Interlocutors And Richly Furnished Salons Both Women Are Pushing Against The Walls Of A Prison That Would Have Seen Them Living A Life Of Misery, Ignorance, And Submission They Are Afloat On The Great Sea Of Opportunities That Opened Up During The S Yet They Are Still Very Much Bound To Each Other By A Strong, Unbreakable Bond I put Five stars in anticipation I have not started this series but have read her other novels an found them excellent readingand feel sure this will be the same