books pdf Julian Fellowes's Belgravia By Julian Fellowes –

Another winner from the creator of Downtown Abbey Very interesting reading about secrets and lurking scandal among high society Mr Fellows really knows how to draw out a story depicting the class divisions and distinction that existed during the Victorian era This story brings together two families from very different backgrounds One is wealthy and old aristocracy, born to the manor, the other a self made millionaire from trade, not exactly welcome in the drawing room of aristocracy I found it very interesting It held all the elements of a good read, believeable characters, suspense, light romance and murderous intent Highly recommended. The Creator Of The Hit Show Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes Weaves A Tale Filled With Dark Secrets And Scandal Amongst The Privileged Set In The Upper Classes Of London Society Wonderful And Witty, It Perfectly Captures A Bygone Era With A Colourful Cast Of Characters And An Intriguing Story Julian Fellowes S Belgravia Is The Story Of A Secret A Secret That Unravels Behind The Porticoed Doors Of London S Grandest Postcode Set In The S, When The Upper Echelons Of Society Began To Rub Shoulders With The Emerging Industrial Nouveau Riche, Belgravia Is Peopled By A Rich Cast Of Characters But The Story Begins On The Eve Of The Battle Of Waterloo In At The Duchess Of Richmond S Now Legendary Ball, One Family S Life Will Change Forever I enjoyed the story but, like some other readers, found it took quite a while to get going I actually didn t mind that but felt it was spoiled by the very rapid way the story all come together towards the end It just felt too rushed after the leisurely start. I loved this book so much that I ve bought it for several of my friends.It is one of those books that the first few pages are a little slow and then once you get into it you feel very sorry it s about the finish and you start reading slowly so that it doesn t finish I loved it Julian Fellowes is an excellent author and I can t wait for his next oeuvre. This has been a very enjoyable and gripping book.I didn t want it to end and read it before going to sleep and any time that I awoke during the hight I have already started to recommend it to my friends Julian Fellowes has written two terrific modern comedies of manners Having also been a fan of Downton Abbey, I was very excited about the prospect of Belgravia, but sadly it turned out to be a huge letdown A penny dreadful novelette plot, with two dimensional characters A previous reviewer went so far as to suggest that this may have been ghost written, and I wonder if there s something in this, as, being familiar with Mr Fellowes style, it certainly didn t read like one of his novels, regardless of the era in which it is set. Not a bad book but the plotline felt dragged out and the end was very predictable Considering I guessed the ending within the first few pages, the end felt a long time coming It was nicely written though but I m not sure I d read another book by this author if the style is similar. This is an easy read Somewhat predictable in places but fun for all that I found it enjoyable and good to see strong female characters Nothing deep here at all but it s not meant to be This is a good holiday read Downton it isn t but if you enjoy Downton, you will also enjoy Belgravia.