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Pulling Together All The Threads That He Weaved So Expertly Throughout The Previous Six Stories, This Is The Last Portion Of Jeffrey Archer S Enthralling Series About The Lives And Loves Of The Clifton Family This Was A Man Opens With A Shot Being Fired, But Who Pulled The Trigger, And Who Lives, And Who Dies In Whitehall, Giles Barrington Discovers The Truth About His Wife, Karin, From The Cabinet Secretary Is She A Spy Or A Pawn In A Larger Game Harry Clifton Sets Out To Write His Magnum Opus While His Wife, Emma, Completes Her Years As Chairman Of The Bristol Royal Infirmary And Receives An Unexpected Call From Margaret Thatcher Offering Her A Job Sebastian Clifton Becomes Chairman Of Farthings Kaufman Bank, But Only After Hakim Bishara Has To Resign For Personal Reasons Sebastian And Samantha S Talented Daughter, Jessica, Is Expelled From The Slade School Of Fine Art, But Her Aunt Grace Comes To Her Rescue Meanwhile, Lady Virginia Is About To Flee The Country To Avoid Her Creditors When The Duchess Of Hertford Dies, And She Sees Another Opportunity To Clear Her Debts And Finally Trump The Cliftons And Barringtons In A Devastating Twist, Tragedy Engulfs The Clifton Family When One Of Them Receives A Shocking Diagnosis That Will Throw All Their Lives Into Turmoil This Was A Man Is The Captivating Final Instalment Of The Clifton Chronicles, A Series Of Seven Novels That Has Topped The Bestseller Lists Around The World And Enhanced Jeffrey Archer S Reputation As A Master Storyteller

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  1. Audrey Haylins Audrey Haylins says:

    I have loved reading the Clifton Chronicles, eagerly awaiting the next in the series every year Sadly, I was disappointed with this seventh book Despite Archer s inimitable, readable style, I found the story fragmented and forced in places, although still enjoyable for all that On the whole, I think the saga of the Cliftons and Barringtons had run its course after book six and this was just a bridge too far, a bit like your favorite TV show hitting a wall after the nth series, but ploughing on regardless Check out my profile page for other candid book reviews covering genres from literary and historical fiction to crime procedurals, psychological thrillers, romcoms, family sagas and Show me some love with helpful votes and follow me for updates on new content.

  2. Jim Murray Jim Murray says:

    A magnificent and masterful final chapter in the Clifton Barrington saga Each of the seven books in this epic series left you yearning to turn immediately to the next instalment The grand finale at the conclusion of This Was A Man is possibly the most cleverly crafted endings I ve ever read It lowers the final curtain on what has been a memorable and most enjoyable read over many months A triumph for both the author and fiction as a whole.

  3. Tham Chee Wah Tham Chee Wah says:

    Yes, they are With 7 books in this Clifton chronicles, it is an epic, a family drama spanning a century You grow to know them individually Each of their personality, their successes and failures, their trials and tribulations, their joy and their anxieties You know them form kids to adulthood From their living room to the boardroom.The last chapter was so moving, I cried And I can t stop crying I sobbed until the last word was read I ve never been so carried away with my emotion with a book But this series, time and time again, even though I knew that this is a fiction, the author wrote them with such dexterity and deep feelings, I somehow thought that they are real people And real people get old and die, that s when I knew I ll missed them dearly.The power of storytelling, laying it in the hands of a master storyteller like Jeffrey Archer, becomes so real, it made me weep.This series of 7 books must read

  4. Cecile Gallina Cecile Gallina says:

    Seven books which you can t put down as each plot runs into the next keeping the reader on his her toes You can follow the evolution of society, politics, history throughout the seven books which becomes even fascinating if you have lived through some of these decades The only slight criticism I would make is that at times in order to close a plot and move on, the story line becomes a bit too convenient to be realistic.

  5. Michael Stevenson-Smith Michael Stevenson-Smith says:

    I know Archer is a guilty pleasure, but I enjoyed this saga spanning a generation and seven books They got progressively weaker with every book, but all enjoyable Except this one He took an entire book to tell what needed to be no of a chapter It is even smug than Archer s others The whole book seems like it was made up of drivel he rejected in previous books Honestly, if you skip this one, you lose nothing SPOILER ALERT They die Honestly, that s all that happens If you want a good Archer book, try the prison diaries which are first class.

  6. BBB BBB says:

    I have read The Chronicles from the beginning and thoroughly enjoyed my journey, I believe this may be the last in the series but never is a very long time The story lines are gently gripping but the intrigue is unbelievable together with politics this should be made into a TVs serial.

  7. Peter Lee Peter Lee says:

    For the most part I d enjoyed this series, but this, the final instalment, was a disappointment From the start it felt as though Jeffrey Archer had lost interest, and filled the book with self referential elements, such as one character having a health issue shared by the author, and Harry Clifton himself an author of a series of books about a single main character talked of his latest book in the series being the final one and his temptation to kill his creation off before writing a bigger, altogether serious work The series is rounded off nicely, although I wished one character could have had of a downfall in the end, and I was pleased that we finally found out if Harry s father had inside the hull of the ship featured in the first book On the whole though, it felt a bit hurried, and had an air of will this do about it A weak finale.

  8. A. C. Sinclair A. C. Sinclair says:

    A load of badly written drivel The books in this series got progressively worse until he seemed to run out of ideas and plot lines entirely by the time he started on the final book Very formulaic and cliched with large irrelevant passages inserted eg the enthralling and riveting account of a local cricket match which droned on for page after page after page for no other reason than to pad things out Perhaps he should have quit while he was ahead after the first book.