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Welcome To Caraval, Where Nothing Is Quite What It Seems Scarlett Has Never Left The Tiny Isle Of Trisda, Pining From Afar For The Wonder Of Caraval, A Once A Year Weeklong Performance Where The Audience Participates In The Show Caraval Is Magic Mystery Adventure And For Scarlett And Her Beloved Sister, Tella, It Represents Freedom And An Escape From Their Ruthless, Abusive Father When The Sisters Long Awaited Invitations To Caraval Finally Arrive, It Seems Their Dreams Have Come True But No Sooner Have They Arrived Than Tella Vanishes, Kidnapped By The Show S Mastermind Organiser, Legend Scarlett Has Been Told That Everything That Happens During Caraval Is Only An Elaborate Performance Nonetheless, She Quickly Becomes Enmeshed In A Dangerous Game Of Love, Magic And Heartbreak And Whether It S Real Or Not, She Must Find Tella Before The Game Is Over And Her Sister Disappears Forever

5 thoughts on “Caraval

  1. booksy booksy says:

    I have really mixed feelings about this novel as there was so much potential, some aspects were very engaging but, ultimately, the magic didn t come alive First up, I ll say that this is no Night Circus If you re expecting something similar, yes, it sort of is but it s nowhere near as good Yet, it s still very readable In some ways I think the book tried to achieve too much, so lacked depth and richness The Hunger Games comparison is also off the mark it s not exciting or page turning in the way that novel was Scarlett, the main protagonist, has to follow clues once she reaches Caraval in order to find her sister and, in doing so, win the game and a wish but there s nothing really clever about the clues, nor is there the sense of nail biting danger that filled the pages of The Hunger Games.Scarlett herself was a pretty wishy washy heroine, quite reliant on other people particularly men to save the day, guide her, reassure her etc In fact, the biggest niggle for me was her relationship with Julian which read like Mills especially as that wasn t really developed either.I find it difficult to pinpoint exactly why this novel fell short for me All I can say is that I found it very readable but wasn t rushing to pick it up I was never consumed by the world of Caraval But, equally, I didn t dislike it And I would give the next book in the series a go.One final word this is a pig of a book to read on a Kindle There are a number of notes in there especially at the start and even when you click on the zoom option on the Kindle, the writing is still tiny I actually made myself quite ill trying to read it on a bus So, maybe this is one for the bookshelf as the cover is certainly very beautiful.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    A book has never disappointed me I love The Night Circus and magical fantasy books in general, and was recommended this because of it it is nothing like The Night Circus The descriptions are exhausting everything is a metaphor or a simile or has three sentences to describe a dark sky for example I get that you need to set the scene, but sometimes less is I basically skim read the whole thing because the main character was so annoying and I couldn t bear to read through all her oh no, am I doing the right thing, am I doing the wrong thing, I did the wrong thing before and it was bad, what if I do that again with EVERY action decision again, it was exhausting A nice premise for a fantasy world, it was just very poorly executed It was as if the author was trying to fit in too many plot points so just ended up with nothing actually happening It all just seemed very shallow There was a brief moment of tension near the end but then, alas, the actual ending was anti climatic A teenager may enjoy this as an easy read, otherwise don t bother.

  3. Urtica Jones Urtica Jones says:

    Scarlett is a central character whose internal voice provides the reader with commentary via her reactions to events within the novel It is therefore especially infuriating that we must endure her endless dithering and should she shouldn t she deliberations prior to every action, however trivial Towards the beginning, Scarlett first nearly drowns, then nearly freezes due to misplaced modesty in front of rogueish sailor Julian Before she can enter any room she must suffer agonies of doubt and indecision I abandoned the book after poor Scarlett is left standing outside yet another mysterious door, which gives her time to reflect at length about incidents from her past and relationships before the plot is finally allowed to catch up and move the action on Made me wonder if publishers Hodder and Stoughton still employ any sub editors.

  4. C. Hayward C. Hayward says:

    I have no idea whether this is a book I would have liked or not as it s almost impossible to read on a Kindle Each chapter starts with a handwritten letter which is too small to read when displayed on the Kindle screen I gave up after the 2nd chapter I question whether it should be sold as a Kindle book as it doesn t work in this format I m not bothered about paying for it but am frustrated that I couldn t read it.

  5. WriterReader876 WriterReader876 says:

    This did not work as an ebook someone at the publishers thought pictures of the letters was a good idea and they are impossible to read as these are clues a sound concept it makes it bit confusing The final revelation was also in one of these unreadable letters, so basically like someone had ripped out the last page aarrgh I am not a great fan of girly, over romanticised literature there s an excess of heaving bosoms, corsets and demure heroines, falling for some rake s devastating good looks Not doing a lot for the female empowerment and revolution here The heroine is far too nice personally I wanted to see her take up a crow bar or show some raw guts by the end.The concept was imaginative enough, magical, a little old fashioned and baroque OK, not one of my favourite books of its kind The unreadable clues was a crime to paying readers though.