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Since Leaving Her Family S Pack, Victoria Has Acquired Many Enemies One Of Them Has Cursed Her With The Inability To Turn At The Full Moon Each Un Shift Is Painfully Worse Than The Last, Breaking Bones As Well As Her Optimism Before Finding The Cure, Victoria Must Figure Out Who Is Behind It, And That Proves Harder Than It Would Seem Even With The High Witch, A Valkyrie, And A Former Troll King On Her Side, The Mystery Only Continues To Deepen A Cursed Body Is Unearthed, And Friends Disappear Can Victoria And Her New Pack Find The Cure In Time To Save Both Her And Their Missing Friends

8 thoughts on “Chosen Wolf: Curse of the Moon Series, Book 2

  1. Stephen greenwood Stephen greenwood says:

    Finally Victoria can finally run with her pack, she s free of her family and looking forward to being with Toby for good Now all they need to discover is who took her memories and her ability to shift I can t wait to find out her sister, is she alive or dead, it s a little confusing One minute Victoria says she gone, the next she s missing I hope the next book clears that up.

  2. Saruuh Kelsey Saruuh Kelsey says:

    With just as much wolfy, paranormal drama and smoldering romance, this is a strong sequel I didn t love it QUITE as much as book one, but I like how Victoria and Toby s relationship grew, and the look into their past, along with the growing threat surrounding them Great action, layers upon layers of mystery, and an awesome cast of characters I m so glad I started this series

  3. Claire B Claire B says:

    After reading the Transformed series, I just had to read this spin off series too Absolutely love these stories look forward to the next follow on series now I ve completed these books .

  4. pat pat says:

    Wow Just as good as the first read This series gets better and better Gripping and the characters have come along way I hope it all ends good for them all.

  5. elizabeth reid elizabeth reid says:


  6. G Adams G Adams says:

    Love Stacy s work

  7. Lyn & Nino Lyn & Nino says:

    This is the second book of this series and it starts where that first book ends I absolutely adored the first book and the same goes for this one Stacy Claflin is an extremely talented author and i love her work It definately deserves than a 5 rating.I adored this storyline, it is unbelievable addictive and you cant help but obsessively turn the pages to find out what is going to happen next in this action packed adventure filed with many twist and turns throughout You really do feel it all with the characters, you feel the high emotions that run through this book the fear, the pain, the hope, the love I love the pack, and the fact that they dont need to be the same, you dont need to be a werewolf pack is the true meaning of family and this pack has that down to a tee There really is so much to this tale, round every corner there is another surprise, it doesnt feel rushed or too packed with information There is a reason for all the information that is there, its not just there to fill the book out I could have read on and on and cant wait to see what happens next in this tale I do have a favourite character and i think it may come as a surprise but its Alex, there is something about him that is so protective, there is so much to him and his personality that we dont know as it is so hard for the rest of the pack to communicate with him and vise versa I love reading about his character I really admire Victoria, after everything she has been through, she is still so strong and determined, many people in her situation would have given up long before She tries to stay stong for all those around her, especially Toby, she doesnt like to show weakness Victoria is everything to Toby and he will do anything to keep her safe now he has found her again He is a strong Alpha and his pack love and respect him and also Victoria as she is their Alpha s mate There are so many characters in this book that i love too many to mention and i wouldnt want to give away anything from this book and spoil the surprises.I adore this book and the author is so mega talented This is a serious must read or all Amazing book

  8. Beanie Luck Beanie Luck says:

    A really great follow up to the 1st book.Victoria and Toby are searching for a cure for her as she cannot shift into a wolf They enlist witches to try and help and a valkyrie introduces herself to Victoria in the local supe bar called the faeble.You also get introduced to the wolfborn Alex who protected Victoria in the 1st book along with a few surprises and trying to stay ahead of people that want to kill them.