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Noleen Delaney Is One Of An Army Of Night Cleaners At St Angelus Hospital In Liverpool Since Her Husband Was Injured In The War, She Has Supported Her Five Children And The Family She Just About Gets By When Finn, Her Youngest, Passes The Plus Exam, Noleen Feels Faint Allowing Finn To Attend The Grammar Will Stretch Her Purse Too Far As The Nurses Of Lovely Lane Near Their Final Exams, Noleen Will Find Herself Tested And Her Heart Broken Just How Far Can A Mother S Love Stretch

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  1. Petra 🤗📚📓🖋📮 Petra 🤗📚📓🖋📮 says:

    The Mothers of Lovely Lane was another fabulous read by Nadine Dorries and once again she did not disappoint, with this book it was based on the lives of the nurses we first met in book one namelyThe Angels of Lovely Lane The Lovely Lane Series Book 1 and once again we are shown how lives have changed for the nurses through the years of not only the early 1950 s but also the beginning stages of the NHS Though this book we seen the personal lives of the nurses and with each nurse once again we are not disappointed as we are immediately brought back to the tragedy which took place in the last book which was the second book in the seriesThe Children Of Lovely Lane The Lovely Lane Series Book 2 Though for me what made this book special we are introduced to the mothers who cleaned the corridors of this hospital, but also we are shown the personal lives and the many trials they faced plus the happy moments which kept them going The mothers of the surrounding streets fought for what they believed in and even when those who went against the law and tried to rule the streets, thankfully there were men who loved their families with a passion, but would also lend a helping hand when needed.If you wanted a book which showed the life of a hospital, yes you will get this but this book has so much within as with each turn of the page you were introduced to characters who lay down their lives while caring for those in need This book does tell the story of St Angela s hospital but also the surrounding streets who helped run the hospital.I have loved this series from the first book, and with each new book, I was never disappointed.The Mother s of Lovely Lane written by Nadine Dorries is a wonderful book and one I am happy to recommend.

  2. Janette Hollingdale Janette Hollingdale says:

    Mothers of lovely lane, by Nadine Dorries This story will not disappoint It picks up from the previous book, Teddy Davenport is recovering from a serious car accident,Nurse Dana Brogan his girlfriend is in Ireland at the time, We meet all the familiar Nurses from ST Angelus, Pammy, Victoria Baker, Beth Harper, Biddy Kennedy who looks after the nurses Dessie the head porter is now living with Sister Emily Haycock there is much going on, The Bevan boys are still in trouble with Police there is romance, mystery, crime , new apartments in the Hospital, much to Matrons delight , to keep you turning the pages I was sorry when the story ended but look forward to the next book.

  3. Flapdoodle Flapdoodle says:

    Another jolly good story from Nadine Dorries I have read the Lovely Lane series in order and have enjoyed everyone so far I am now on the 4th and I believe last in this particular series Christmas Angels which I will review when finished I am glad I read them in order because each story blends into the next Nadine is very good though at intertwining here and there if they have not been read in sync I am so glad I came across this author and also glad that she has written quite a few books I look forward to reading many .

  4. Granglow Granglow says:

    I thoroughly enjoy Nadine Dorries books so much that I can t put them down and therefore, come to the end too quickly Mothers of Lovely Lane was no exception It had a few intriguing stories relating to a mixture of the workers of St Angelus hospital I would definitely recommend it to anyone I can t wait for Nadine s next book.

  5. Shirley Shirley says:

    An absolutely brilliant read One if the best fictional books I have read in a long time I was lucky that I read the books one after another, indeed I read all three while on holiday in September 2017.This is the third book in the Lovely Lane Series, the others being The Nurses of Lovely Lane and The Children of Lovely Lane All three are such wonderful reads and will bring a tear to the eyes if anyone who reads them Each book tells the story of several people and their stories continue thoughout the books Things don t always have a happy ever after end and indeed the storys are open to continue How Nadine Dorries manages to write such brilliant books and also do her duty as an MP I wil never know, but long may she continue to write such great books.

  6. Terry Terry says:

    I was looking forward to reading one of Nadine Dorries stories, but I found there were so many characters in the book I couldn t keep up with them all I finished the book only because I had paid for it I also found Nadina over filled the book with facts about the war Since starting the book a friend has given me a paperback in the same series I am reluctant to start it and will put it on hold for a while

  7. Kelly Burke Kelly Burke says:

    Having read the previous 2 Lovely Lane books, I didn t know whether this could be as good It definitely was.Following all the tragedy and sadness in some of the characters lives, it was good to read a positive outcome and how times were changing after the war So many powerful characters, especially the women.

  8. anita roy anita roy says:

    I love these books and the story is brilliant On the third book The Mothers of lovely Lane I found it a little hard to keep track of all of the characters as it jumped quite quickly from 1 to the other All In all a good story though and would recommend