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The Great Crusade That Has Taken Humanity Into The Stars Continues The Emperor Of Mankind Has Handed The Reins Of Command To His Favoured Son, The Warmaster Horus Yet All Is Not Well In The Armies Of The Imperium Horus Is Still Battling Against The Jealousy And Resentment Of His Brother Primarchs, And When He Is Injured In Combat On The Planet Davin, He Must Also Battle His Inner Daemon With All The Temptations That Chaos Has To Offer, Can The Weakened Horus Resist

4 thoughts on “False Gods: The Horus Heresy, Book 2

  1. M. Brookes M. Brookes says:

    This is the second book in the Horus Heresy series, and I m still eager to continue the series I ve stated before that I m a big fan of the 40K universe, and this series reveals one of the core foundations for that setting As with the first book we learn about the Warmaster, and follow his descent into heresy.The story delves a bit deeper into Horus personality, and in particular the seeds for his fall The mechanisms weren t unexpected, but it did have some surprises It certainly sets the scene for events to come It s also well reflected in the surrounding characters, in particular the members of the Mournival introduced in the first book The new characters from other chapters play a significant part and also help identify the nature of the different Astartes chapters well legions at that point.The bleak nature of the universe is one of its best features, it s all very much shades of grey, even when there s a supposed purity of purpose This is reflected in the writing which has a formal, and almost sombre feel Having different authors in a series can be a mixed bag, but the style is consistent with the previous book The style of writing suits the setting, but there are nuances here as well For superhuman characters, there s some appreciated subtlety in the writing and characterisation.The books downside is shared by many others in the world As they re aimed at players of the game there s a lot of assumed knowledge, although for fans it does add a lot of richness to the background Overall it s a solid action story, with some thoughtful moments Definitely a good read for fans.

  2. a customer a customer says:

    This book tells the story of how the space marines bioengineered warriors that are a part of a humans crusade to conquer the galaxy meet and are corrupted by supernatural evil I enjoyed the first two thirds of this book The story follows a linear path There are several groups of characters writters remebrancers, military personel, and space marines that somehow reflect the complex structure of the imperium during that time Each scene is well described, both characters and environment constructed places, alien landscapes, magical realms The actions are explained, the reasoning of the characters decisions makes sense There is a strong horror part in this book and is depicted very well the setting is very appropriate for a horror story, the monsters are scary, the fight against them has a lot of tension Excellent part.Then the story jumbs 10 months into the future, in the middle of a war and the main characters have made up their minds about very important matters without much explanation that was given in the previous part Neither the main character s confessions, when he was seriously injured, are shown nor his reasoning for the choices he madeThe first two thirds is a five star, the last part is not bad, but overall the story felt strongly incomplete to me I ve read 7 books in the HH series and my favorite are the Prospero Burns and Nemesis because the main characters story ordinary human in these two is complete I think its 3.5 stars as a stand alone but i give 4 because its part of a series So i guess that some parts, that i think they should have been in this book, are explained in other volumes of the HH series.

  3. Mignon Mignon says:

    Dan Abnett will always be a hard act to follow, and although this book s not bad, it s simply not as good and was therefore quite a disappointment There are a number of important characters who undergo sudden personality changes that feel jarring and awkward, as though the book was written having only read a summary of the first one rather than actually getting to know the way the characters were written The majority of the characters lose their depth, Horus being the most important of these, as after all this trilogy is essentially about him Much of the subtlties of thought and emotion are gone, with the characters displaying only the most obvious and elementary motivations.All that having been said, the book itself has some good action sequences, and there is a fantastic scene on a shrine world during the temptation of Horus that really couldn t have been done better by anyone else Certainly the second half of this book is the better half, and the interactions between the characters become markedly improved.Nonetheless I strongly suspect it s the strength of the story rather than the skill of the writer that keeps this book afloat.

  4. I. Cummings-knight I. Cummings-knight says:

    This one had a kind of Star Wars Episode 3 feel The book was better than Rising in some ways the plot moves forward great pacing brutal but some parts may be hit or miss with reader an acid trip zombies so than the last one.The book opens with the introduction of two new characters who have had no mention in Horus Rising and this was a little confusing However, this book proves to be a clear sequel and ultimately feels like an early climax for the series The Horus Heresy starts here for real McNeill s characterisation feels consistent with Rising, and this is surely a fine achievement His vocabulary is less demanding and descriptive which helps the book flow better but some sentences can be hit or miss His utilitarian approach can make some scenes feel sparse McNeill adds a few alcohol and sex references to adult things up perhaps this is slightly out of place and at one point Horus calls a woman lass a bit informal perhaps Anyway, there s a lot of lies and deception, and it is kind of upsetting to see these characters trust each other less and less This is engaging, but will it end up all too tragically I guess the only way to find out is to read on.P.S The book is divided into 4 roughly equal parts again Each feels like an episode so one could easily read one part per sitting.