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This book was a 4 read for me so I ve been generous and gone with 5 stars It s very well written with just a couple of proofreading issues in the kindle edition The back and forth style isn t for everyone but I found it easy to follow and it suits the story The backstory is horrendous and as a UK reader it put me in mind of the scandal surrounding the Irish orphanages and the awful tales that have emerged about them I didn t need tissues as I was warned but I did find the story disturbing and it made me angry in a how the blazes did this carry on for so long way Highly recommended and I shall investigate the author s other work. In 1930 s Tennessee, twelve year old Rill Foss s happy childhood is cut tragically short when she and her four siblings find themselves forcibly removed from their home and placed in the Tennessee Children s Home orphanage In the present day, Avery Stafford has returned home to help her Senator father through illness but a chance encounter with an elderly woman at a residential care home, piques an interest in her family s history and unearths a startling connection to Rill.When I began reading Before We Were Yours I was completely unaware of the horrific truth this story is based on A woman called Georgia Tann, with the help of corrupt authorities, kidnapped and illegally sold children to wealthy families throughout the US The Foss family is fictional but their story is not Many poor families were victims of Tann s cruel scheme and Wingate does a good job of evoking the reader s empathy However, I felt there were some gaps in the story For example, how exactly were the sisters re united A somewhat tenuous explanation is given but I would have liked Wingate to elaborate on this aspect of the story For me it was too important to the narrative to be given just a partial explanation I also felt Avery s grandmother as a character was a bit sketchy I would like to have known about her past and although she was just a baby when separated from her family, I think she would have been a interesting narrator than Rill.However, it is a well written novel that is certainly worth reading More importantly, it shines a light on a wretched period of American history. This didn t get going until about a quarter of the way through up to that point it was a little confusing and not particularly enthralling However, stick with it because the book does improve a full pr cis of the plot has been outlined by others It s a deeply disturbing and believable story of illegal adoptions in the Deep South of America The background lies in the theft of children all ages and subsequent adoptions, for money, to the upper crust of society.There s a link to present day events when it comes to light that a senator s wife has relatives who lived on a riverboat These people were known as river rats There s some interesting investigations and a good insight into the lifestyle of the times.This book is well worth reading if you have the stomach for the dastardly actions of certain individuals It s sad At times made me ashamed to be human but that s life and similar thing still happen. I kept putting off reading this book as I usually prefer non fiction But Lisa Wingate had me by the throat before the end of the first chapter It was hard to put down as I desperately needed to see how things worked out for all the characters involved, and the ending was a tear jerker Being in the UK, and not knowing very much about the history of that part of the US, it was hard to then realise that although the story was fiction it was based on fact, and that it wasn t so many years ago that whole families actually lived through the nightmare Ms Wingate wrote about. The best work I ve read for some time I particularly like stories that though fictional are based on real life No matter where in this world we hear dreadful stories of child abuse, neglect and mistreatment, works like this highlight these wrongs and keep this abhorrent reality in the public eye Well done to this author to highlight the plight of these sorely wronged individuals, through fictional work. Shocking tale based on a little known period in US history Uncannily this book has connotations with the traffiking that goes on today By chance Avery Stafford meets an old lady in a care home who has some connection to her grandmother and becomes drawn into her backstory The Tennesee society for orphans and abandoned chikdren is run by a ruthless moneygrabbing Miss Tann who appears to have the childrens best interest at heart The story,drawing you in moves between the decades playing out the lives of the two characters. Memphis, Twelve Year Old Rill Foss And Her Four Younger Siblings Live A Magical Life Aboard Their Family S Mississippi River Shantyboat But When Their Father Must Rush Their Mother To The Hospital One Stormy Night, Rill Is Left In Charge, Until Strangers Arrive In Force Wrenched From All That Is Familiar And Thrown Into A Tennessee Children S Home Society Orphanage, The Foss Children Are Assured That They Will Soon Be Returned To Their Parents But They Quickly Realize The Dark Truth Aiken, South Carolina, Present Day Born Into Wealth And Privilege, Avery Stafford Seems To Have It All A Successful Career, A Handsome Fianc , And A Lavish Wedding On The Horizon But When Avery Returns Home To Help Her Father Weather A Health Crisis, A Chance Encounter Leaves Her With Uncomfortable Questions And Compels Her To Take A Journey Through Her Family S Long Hidden History, On A Path That Will Ultimately Lead Either To Devastation Or To Redemption Based On One Of America S Most Notorious Real Life Scandals, In Which Georgia Tann, Director Of A Memphis Based Adoption Organization, Kidnapped And Sold Poor Children To Wealthy Families All Over The Country, Before We Were Yours Is A Riveting, Wrenching And Ultimately Uplifting Tale