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Discover A Magical Historical Saga Of Mothers, Daughters And The Power Of Witchcraft Perfect For Fans Of A Discovery Of Witches, Outlander And Nora RobertsIt S True, Ma Petite If They Know If They Discover What We Are They Will Try To Kill UsBrittany, After Grand Mere Ursule Gives Her Life To Save Her Family, Their Magic Seems To Die With Her Even So, The Orchires Fight To Keep The Old Ways Alive, Practicing Half Remembered Spells And Arcane Rites In Hopes Of A Revival And When Their Youngest Daughter Comes Of Age, Magic Flows Anew The Lineage Continues, Though New Generations Struggle Not Only To Master Their Power, But Also To Keep It Hidden But When World War II Looms On The Horizon, Magic Is Needed Urgently Than Ever Not For Simple Potions Or Visions, But To Change The Entire Course Of History A Secret History Of Witches Is A Moving Historical Saga That Traces Five Generations Of Fiercely Powerful Mothers And Daughters Witches Whose Magical Inheritance Is Both A Dangerous Threat And An Extraordinary Gift Shortlisted For The Endeavour Award I really loved this engrossing saga about a family cursed with magical ability and the extra spin put on events surrounding WW2 worked particularly well Highly recommended for fans of family based historical adventures with a twist of magic What I really enjoyed about this book was the slightly unconventional timeline of the story It follows the same family of witches from 19th century Brittany, to WWII era England, tracking the adversity they faced in preserving their craft and traditions Thoroughly engaging from start to finish, with well developed, strong female characters that you can t help but be moved by If you enjoyed A Discovery of Witches by Celia Harkness or Paula Brackston s The Winter Witch then you ll love this Don t expect wildly dramatic magic, this is a subtle sort, it is about the human story and the relationships between the women of the Orchiere line. Utterly spellbinding Historical story of a generation s of a family who are connected by a Crystal In each generation one female member of the family can access the Crystal and magic Some use it for good and some for evil Very enjoyable unusual read. I don t usually like the term unputdownable but this book really is It traces about 5 generations of a family and the witches in it totally engrossing and totally believable, too. It was an interesting story that i loved reading, until it got to modern day, when it went a bit weird, and the ending was such a let down, i expected i guess, not just left. Simple, easy read Stories if different characters pretty superficial and summarised Lovely sweet book but could have been much greater. I really quite enjoyed this book about witches and their geneology, until I reached the Book of Veronica This book started off all right but a bit sudo upper classy and definately how the other half lived, which was fine Veronica a bit too good to be true, but readable THEN when it came to Veronica meeting Queen Elizabeth the queen mother at the start of WWII and saying that Queen Elizabeth was a witch, I stopped reading this book I thought it was going too far and I was disasppointed but the the author is American and I suppose she thought she could get away with it Sorry but if it had been a British author, writing the President of the USA was a warlock, I don t think the Americans would be best please.