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, London When Sir James Harrison, One The Greatest Actors Of His Generation, Passes Away At The Age Of He Leaves Behind Not Just A Heartbroken Family But Also A Secret So Shocking, So Devastating That It Could Rock The English Establishment To Its Core Joanna Haslam Is An Ambitious Young Journalist Assigned To Cover The Legendary Actor S Funeral The Great And The Good Of The Celebrity World Are There But Joanna Stumbles On Something Dark Beneath The Glamour The Mention Of A Letter James Harrison Has Left Behind, The Contents Of Which Others Have Been Desperate To Conceal For Over Years As She Peels Back The Veil Of Lies That Has Shrouded The Secret, She Realizes That There Are Other Forces Attempting To Prevent Her From Discovering The Truth And They Ll Stop At Nothing To Reach The Letter Before She Does

8 thoughts on “The Love Letter

  1. Luana Luana says:

    I am sorry Lucinda Riley, but no no and no on this one I liked maybe the first 20 pages or so of the book, but thenthis story has a lot of twists and side stories that seem to have been added just to prolong the agony of the reader, and at endnot much It s not even a real mystery read, as you can kind of guess what the plot is about from the author s note at the beginning Also, I found the theme rather of bad taste and silly I was relieved when I finished the book On a side note, I think it is perfectly possible to write a great historical fictional novel without involving dead real persons.

  2. Ruth Ruth says:

    Another wonderful book from my favourite author This book takes you on a remarkable journey of love, secrets, lies and intrigue, over a period of about 70 years As always the characters are so believable as they wind their way into your mind, so that you really don t want to put the book down You are constantly led to believe that you know something, and then find that you are so completely wrong, even the love stories running throughout are intriguing I really can t wait for the next Lucinda Riley book, whether that s the 5th Seven Sisters book or any other book, please keep writing and Lucinda, as I can t get enough of your books.

  3. Dee07 Dee07 says:

    Lucinda Riley writes a good and gripping story I very much enjoyed this conspiracy theory theme, and think it wholly appropriate that she provides an explanation that she wrote the book 20years ago and why it was not published back then, also that it is an alternative reality I only have a very minor criticism in that a certain character s title is misplaced, a third son would not have been given that title Use of an alternative one would have made sense As I enjoyed the Spy theme, I hope Ms Riley chooses to use this background again in another book, as she clearly has a talent for it, and it makes for a very readable story.

  4. Polly Polly says:

    It was a complex story but got exciting towards the end However I feel it would have been better to choose another family rather than our Royal Family It is disrespectful and let s face it there are some people out there who believe a novel is the truth On the positive side it was different to the run of the mill girl finds letter with scandal attached etc which we constantly keep reading in today s novels The writing style was good, just a bit gory in places with so many murders, life is not cheap and that s what it came over as It won t stop me continuing reading The Seven Sisters series as soon as the price comes down.

  5. D. C. A. Price D. C. A. Price says:

    Well Yes, this book was a bit far fetched but it really was a page turner The ending was also almost laughable, but I m still giving it four stars because I love Lucinda Riley s books and for all its silliness it was still a gripping read I gather it was actually written some time ago, and wonder if there would have been quite the scandal today if these events came to light, but it made for an intriguing scenario I was also slightly irritated by the placing of Haworth and Keighley in North Yorkshire when they re solidly in West Yorkshire and not nearly as remote as indicated in the book Still love this writer and am thoroughly enjoying the Seven Sisters books.

  6. Kindle reader Kindle reader says:

    I downloaded this book because it was written by Lucinda Riley and persevered with it for the same reason but reallywhat a lot of nonsense and a far cry from all of Lucinda s other books, which are all superbly written The plot was unbelievable, full of holes and unnecessarily multi layered The characters were ridiculous too The only saving grace was that this appears to have originally been written some 20 years ago, before the author found the unique style, pace and storytelling ability that we know her by today I ve loved all her other books and won t be put off this easily, however I was very disappointed in this book.

  7. Margaret Allgood Margaret Allgood says:

    I have just finished reading this book today and I have really enjoyed it Lucinda Riley is a favourite of mine, I have read nearly all her books this one was very difficult to put down, I really became engrossed in it and was sorry when I had finished it I definitely recommend it especially if you like finding out secrets

  8. Mrs. Iris M. Henderson Mrs. Iris M. Henderson says:

    As usual this is another incredibly superb story by Lucinda Riley Her research into her books knows no bounds and I just could not put it down I shall be reading it again very shortly because I didn t want it to end Brilliant Lucinda is a marvellous writer