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Classic Wilbur Smith immediately enveloping the reader in a fast moving plot embellished with lush descriptions of believable characters, scenery and situations Hugely engrossing and leading inevitably straight on to the 2nd book with barely a breath in between Brilliant. A Falcon Flies Is The First Best Selling Novel In Wilbur Smith S Epic Tale Of Africa, The Ballantyne Novels In Search Of A Father They Barely Remember, Zouga And Dr Robyn Ballantyne Board Mungo St John S Magnificent Clipper To Speed Them To Africa But Long Before They Sight That Mighty Continent, Robyn Knows That She And Mungo Will Battle With All The Fury Of Natural Enemies And Love With All The Desperation Of Those Unable To Evade The Commands Of Fate For If She Can Bring Hope And Healing To Africa S Fever Ridden Shores, He, A Lawless Trader In Human Cargo, Will Possess Any Man Or Woman He Chooses Set In , This Gripping Tale Is Followed By Men Of Men,The Angels Weep And The Leopard Hunts In Darkness A good story well told Three men of action and the woman that comes between them Lost cities, buried treasure, elephant hunts and sea battles What could one ask for I m gradually replacing the hard copies of my Wilbur Smith collection, so jump at the chance to get them when they re on offer for 99p Love the books in this and the Courtney s series A typical Wilbur Smith adventure that keeps you riveted from start to finish A good story line littered with side plots means you keep the pages turningAs with all his work i have never been disappointed and will always be a fab Story of family love, jealousy and greed Along with first love and betrayal.Well written story about the slave trade and the efforts to stop it. Rereading this book reminds so much of why I love Wilbur Smiths books He weaves history, fiction and his characters into such a story that its sometimes hard to seperate one from the other Every one of these books is a journey through history and a time now forgotten by most. I read this first about 30 years ago and remembered loving it so I ve just got the series again Somehow with the risk of hunting wild animals to extinction, I suppose I m not enjoying it as much Bearing in mind it is set in the late 1800 s before we were all so aware, if you can get past the slaughter of elephants etc then this is a really good novel, As with all his books it is brilliantly written and his research is impeccable but to be honest I can t wait to get it finished and get on with the next one when, if memory serves, this method of making a fortune is no longer centre stage in the story.