The Blessed Child Audible –

A brilliantly written book with everything in it.romance, intrigue, murder, laughter, sadness and everything else in between The characters were wonderfully written and the descriptions of everything makes you actually feel you re actually there.Brilliant book A heartfelt story from start to finish, really enjoying this collection day s of the week by Rosie Goodwin, looking forward to Thursday s child out in March I think. Thsnk you Rosie for an absolutely lovely story Every character was so believable It s been a georgeous read from start to finish I was there with Nessie and her family and friends A totally convincing story Just a pity it had to end Loved it and look foward to reading the next book, and Rosie, you are worth your weight in gold because you are so especially talented. What a lovely book ,so many ups and downs for this poor family who rise from rags to riches through a life of poverty Brilliantly written and will appeal to all ages from late teens to the oldies who can probably remember tales of these times from their grandparents. A nice story, the narrator portrays the characters voices well but punctuation is missed in her other lines on many occasions, she appears to finish her sentence then adds the closing sentence word and has a lot of unnecessary inflection which I found irritating, apart from that one issue ,I recommend the book I would give this book 10 if I could I can recommend this book to read I read the last 2chapters slowly as I didn t want to finish it.rosie Goodwin must be the best author ever.all her books are brilliant,keep them coming Rosie. Nessie Carson Will Do Anything To Keep Her Family Together After Her Mother Is Killed, Her Father Abandons Them And They Are Evicted From Their Cosy Little Nuneaton Home She And Her Brothers And Sisters Take On Jobs As Live In Assistants To A Local Undertaker She Is Soon Entwined In Fortunes Of Her Employer, Andre, Who Is Forced To Live A Lie, And The Local Doctor Someone She S Attracted To But Can Never Have But Even In The Darkest Of Times And Saddest Of Places, When You Re As Spirited As Nessie Carson, There Is Light, Love And The Promise Of Happiness If You Re Only Brave Enough To Search For It As usual, a truly lovely book ,I could not put it down and read it in a day and half All the character s were part of a very special story x Rosie Goodwin never fails with her books in my eyes Thank you Rosie for the pleasure you give in your writing xx