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I had only just finished the 1st book in the series, when the lion feeds, and just had to find out what happened next Wow.this book draws you in and you live alongside these wonderful, larger than life characters Another epic YesPredictable At times Could I put it down Only when I fell asleep.and I put that off as long as possible Utterly riveting and so well written that you feel the heat from the African sun and smell the elephant carcasses rotting Can t recomend enough and I have already started the last in the series A Sparrow Falls..will be equally dissapointed and relieved when I finish it. The Second Novel In Wilbur Smith S The Courtneys Series, The Sound Of Thunder Is A Powerful Story Of Family Tragedy Set Against The Backdrop Of The Ravages Of The Second Boer WarOnly Once In His Life Had Sean Met A Man Whose Strength Matched His Own And Now, Again, They Were Pitted Against Each OtherSean Courtney, Impulsive Adventurer Of When The Lion Feeds, Returns From The Wilderness A Rich Man Until He Is Robbed By The Boers Of His Wagons, His Gold And The Girl He Loves A Grim Homecoming Finds His Country In The Cruel Grip Of War But In The Bloody Days Ahead, Conflicts Within His Family Will Prove Far Bitter Than Any Fought On The Veld The story about the war is a little long but in any event it is a really great book and the setting in South Africa during the turn of the century is really interesting as it gives you a different perspective on life. Soon after starting the read I realised this storyline was familiar I must have bought it several years before in actual paperback form Still enjoyed it though as Wilbur Smith is an exceptional writer. Superb story based around the British and Dutch war to get control of south africa Riveting family battles and tragic wartime events and courage. Brilliant Continues the Courtney legacy, following on from When The Lion Feeds It matches it for quality, a first class read You have undoubtedly formed attachments to characters previously read about and so you are further pulled into their world here, with monumental highs and chasm like lows, it really pulls you to and fro emotionally.Action Adventure Romance Thriller it crosses boundaries effortlessly.Another example of Smith s masterful storytelling I can t recommend it enough. The saga continues, as Sean Courtney enlists to fight for the English, during the Boer war, in their battles against the Dutch and their resourceful leader, who also happens to be his brother in law A gritty, masculine, hard fought adventure, where the protagonist s every move might be his last Will Sean be able to keep the friend he cherishes, conquer the woman he loves and survive the perils of this three year war A great follow up to the original, now for the third instalment in the series. As the heading of this review suggests I found this book to be a lot better than its predecessor I think that may be because it didn t feel so Scattered Sean has to fight in the army, then live his life afterwards Compared to the first book where he travels all over the place this feels settled.The writing style is typical of the first book, but I would say the female characters get a better level of treatment so that s an improvement