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I first read this book when I was eleven years old, and have come back to it and the subsequent series many times.In some respects it s really NOT a children s book but really good kids books appeal to all ages.Enough adventure, excitement and destiny to enthrall but also enough metaphysics to intrigue and leave you with much to ponder. Ged, The Greatest Sorcerer In All Earthsea, Was Called Sparrowhawk In His Reckless Youth Hungry For Power And Knowledge, Sparrowhawk Tampered With Long Held Secrets And Loosed A Terrible Shadow Upon The World This Is The Tale Of His Testing, How He Mastered The Mighty Words Of Power, Tamed An Ancient Dragon, And Crossed Death S Threshold To Restore The Balance Read By Kobna Holdbrook Smith This is a re read for me first read years ago and I saw this on kindle at a very good price and bought the series I next surfaced about two weeks later having read the whole series I saw and understood sides to the story on this read and its a very good one at that 6 books in the saga all link in together and make what I used to call a ripping yarn Old fashioned term but it still applies the story is not rushed its not written as one book spread out over 6 books as some do today its 6 books which each stand alone as good writing and together make a saga Be prepared to get lost in this one and you find the next book will only be a click away The narrative style of A Wizard of Earthsea is a very distant omniscient, quite at odds with modern books This stylistic difference makes it a challenging read at times, given that the characters seem to be shells drifting in the swells of the tale than protagonists driving their own choices.Perhaps the strongest redeeming feature is the occasional twist of phrase that adds folds of colour to the setting in the space between words. I remember reading this when I was young, and it s nostalgic favourite.The writing style reminds me of tradition legends like the Irish stories of Finn McCool, or perhaps Beowulf.It s a tale of personal nature, rather than a Tolkein style quest against an evil adversary, but is all the enjoyable for that. An adventure story of a boy growing up with magical powers Lots of twists and turns and the writing is wonderful.I really admire writers who can create a whole other world down to the last detail Miss LeGuin has done this with great style.This is just the first of a series and I look forward to reading them all. I still have my hardback copy of this bought back in 1971, but I wanted to read it again, and I like reading on kindle these days, hence I bought the electronic version This is the first in a fabulous trilogy I m less keen on the fourth book written some years later Stick with the trilogy One of the best books trilogies ever on the consequences of magic, and about taking responsibilities for our actions Deep characterisation and a beautifully drawn world Also a thrilling adventure I can t recommend it highly enough. This is the first Ursula K Le Guin story I have read It was written in 1968, pre dating my birth The story is about a young boy who becomes a mage, learns his trade and makes some pretty terrible mistakes along the way.A large part of the book features the boy Ged searching for a mysterious entity that he has unwhittingly unleashed upon the world.For a while I thought he might have been looking for a consistent point of view because it certainly wandered all over the place, roaming between multiple characters and the omnipresent voice often within the same scene In a modern novel this would be frowned upon but I guess in 1968, authors were playing with a very different rule book.Luckily this author handled the odd style well and enriched the story with many beautiful details about the characters and settings Some of the description added real depth to the story I enjoyed this story quite a bit.