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Essex, Lily Is A Housemaid Up At St Clere S Hall But Times Are Changing With The Outbreak Of War With A Husband Bent On Signing Up For The Trenches And A Lecherous Master Of The House, Lily Is Forced To Leave Doing Her Bit For The War Effort And Bringing In Money For The Family Lily Goes To Work In A Factory Making Explosives To Send To The Trenches It S A Hard Job The Munitionettes Must Face Terrible Working Conditions, The Constant Danger Of Accidents And Air Strikes And A Patronising, Self Serving Boss And Then Someone She Never Wanted To See There Arrives Lady Charlotte, The Pampered Daughter Of The Hall, Joins The Factory As A Supervisor Lily And Charlotte Have Choices They Never Had Before But In The Shadow Of The Great War, Can The Factory Girls Work Together For A Better Future

8 thoughts on “The Tilbury Poppies

  1. Mr. C. M. Bolton Mr. C. M. Bolton says:

    Thank you Sue Wilsher I have loved reading about Lily and Charlotte Two fabulous women with different lives I was surprised to learn about the cordice sheds I knew about the women turning yellow but not the rest I am looking forward to your next book xxx

  2. Mrs C Evans Mrs C Evans says:

    Brilliant book this was the third one I ve read with this author and can t fault it at all would highly recommend.

  3. susan baxter susan baxter says:

    A brilliant book,very well explained in fields I never knew existed, Sue manages to bring you into the world she writes about..to think all these things happened in a close reach of where I have grown up..makes me proud to have lived in a part where so much history has stories..

  4. mshadowsisfab mshadowsisfab says:

    I really enjoyed this book.

  5. Ros/ Colin Ros/ Colin says:

    Interesting and thought provoking read.

  6. Pj Pj says:

    It was a very good book couldn t put it down when is the next one coming out

  7. Mrs Glenis Mcfahn Mrs Glenis Mcfahn says:

    Love the book read it to quickly

  8. Miss Red Miss Red says:

    Poppies occupies the same space as Wilsher s other books between the harsh and sometimes hideous realities of life on the breadline and the compelling, heartfelt and inspiring stories of her characters, many of them strong and fearless women There is also humour, particularly in the way she conveys the mannerisms and ways of the privileged classes.Again, Wilsher throws her readers into the world of WW1, this time into the explosives factories staffed by the munitionettes And it s not just history, because Wilsher brings it to life Just the white feather handed to Sid in the first chapter shows vividly the hard choices and realities families facedIt s 100 years since the WW1 armistice, but Wilsher makes it feel as if it s yesterday.