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I Wanted To Fall For A Boy Not A Man Not A Legend The Month I Wrote My First Piece Of Code, Jax Jamieson Launched His Third Platinum Album The Week I Drank My First Beer, He Spent In Jail The Day I Got Under His Skin, I Wound Up On His Tour And The Night He Gave Me His Hoodie I Fell In Love Forever Good Girl Is Part In The Best Selling New Adult Rock Star Trilogy Wicked Jax And Haley S Romance Continues In Bad Girl And Concludes In Wicked Girl NOTE Good Girl And Bad Girl End On Cliffhangers You Ll Find The Book Hangover Worthy Ending Of Jax And Haley S Story In Wicked Girl Books By Piper Lawson Wicked Part Story Good Girl Bad Girl Wicked Girl Play Play NSFW Rise Travesty Schooled Stripped Sealed Styled Satisfaction Modern Love Easy Love Dirty Love Twisted Love

8 thoughts on “Good Girl: A Rockstar Romance: Wicked, Book 1

  1. Tamara Harrington Tamara Harrington says:

    So I absolutely freaking loved this book Moody rocker, introverted intern, rock n roll tour and life all happening at once.I wasn t sure how I would get on but I could not have asked for this book to be any better There was mystery, drama, intrigue and a slow burn love story that is about to span three novels.If you re looking for quick, dirty, sex then this book is not for you There s a lot of insight into their minds and I enjoyed being there to understand the characters better.Looking forward to reading book 2 now

  2. Mo Mo says:

    Really pulls you in from the start Loved the interaction between Jax and Haley, the getting to know each other without knowing Both of them very into what they do A beautiful getting to know each other So much feeling Also love how the music means so much to them Looking forward to reading next in series.

  3. Laura Mckenna Laura Mckenna says:

    Anyone who enjoys the New Adult Romance genre will know how difficult it is to find an author who s books are well written, non clich and where the characters aren t ridiculously predictable and somewhat sexist.which is why I m so happy to have discovered Piper Lawson I loved the characters of Jax and Haley Jax is an amazing brooding musician rock star lead without being too melodramatic Introducing the heroine as a tech savvy girl who is actually involved in the sound aspect of the tour rather than just an office coffee making intern was a breathe of fresh air and gave the character so much substance I loved the slow burn of the romance and I really didn t see the slight twist at the end coming I can t wait to read the rest of the series and see how their romance plays out I also can t wait to pick up the rest of Piper s books.

  4. NixyPixy NixyPixy says:

    You will enjoy this read and there are some curve balls thrown in which makes it compelling.The only not so great thing is that the Author wrote 2 and 3 equally as good which should have been combined into one book

  5. Mrs K Thompsett Mrs K Thompsett says:

    Liked the slow build up to them actually becoming intimate and getting to know each other better The last chapter seemed to rush along and avoid Haley s departure Would ve been nice to have her thoughts on finding out about her Dad and why she left Ho poo awfully it will become clear in the next book.

  6. L beaver L beaver says:

    Haley gets an intern job ending up on a tour bus with the famous Jax She s ends up helping with the sound system and Jax is kind if interested in her until she finds out he s keeping really important info from her She leaves.

  7. Michelle (shelly) Diguer Michelle (shelly) Diguer says:

    Brilliant start to a great book Straight away your pulled into the story of Jax the rock god and sweet and innocent Hayley the college intern computer geek this first book keeps you addicted and the story just keeps on giving

  8. karan couchman karan couchman says:

    Hooked from the beginning Well written, great story, didn t want to put it down so I didnt..will read from this author.