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The Pratchett Family Have To Contend With Coalman Alfie Pratchett S Obsessive Jealousy A Bully, His Two Teenage Children, John And Millie, Have Learned To Dodge Him And His Moods The Main Concern Of Ugly Duckling Millie Who Looks Nothing Like Her Handsome Brother John Is To Protect Their Mum, Eileen When Crisis Strikes The Pratchetts Home, Alfie Is Forced To Watch His Whole World Gradually Collapse Around Him Their Old Life Has Gone Forever, And A New One Has Begun One In Which Rape, Debt, Alcoholism And Insanity Play Their Parts And Redemption Is A Long Time Coming

8 thoughts on “The Empty Hearth

  1. Janet Davies Janet Davies says:

    Another fantastic book by Kitty Meals.I d love to no where she gets her ideas for her books.Millie has a tough life, after her mum dies, she s got to do all the house hold chores, and when her and her brother find out why there mum did what she did, her brow leaves home as well.Her father is dispicable, the scrum of the earth, and what he goes on to do you won t believe.Millie has a breakdown, but you could say it s the start of better things to come Janet DaviesFalmouth Cornwall

  2. Mois reads Mois reads says:

    A fantastic book poor Millie what a life she has suffered but when her mother died it got worse but with sheer determination and the help from Vanessa she finally found she was able to live again 5 STARS.

  3. tracy smith tracy smith says:

    Enjoyed ever minute of this book, poor Millie what a life she had with her wicked father and selfish brother Hope there is a sequel to this book as it ended abruptly.

  4. susan susan says:

    This book is sad but has you enthralled and you don t want to put it down The story of Millie and her family must resonate with people born in the 50 s, but not all of them would have had their experiences.

  5. Mul31 Mul31 says:

    Another fabulous read from Kitty She encapsulates the hard times faced in the 50s with such detail and warmth I couldn t put it down

  6. Carol Gollop Carol Gollop says:

    Really enjoyed this book, couldn t put it down.

  7. ann parish ann parish says:

    anyone of kitty neale great books but this one was great

  8. Jojo9 Jojo9 says:

    Another great book by this author, read it in two days.