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The book is set in the 1860s, and begins when Daisy is cruelly jilted by her fiance Julian, and dismissed by his mother from her job as governess to a younger son.Heartbroken, she returns home to live with her relations, and when they decide to retire to the countryside, in a village called Little Creek goes with them The story unfolds at a steady pace, with her Aunt and Uncle, brother and his friend, Nicholas, a doctor The characters are engaging, mainly friendly and amiable, with lots of interaction However, several characters are autocratic, domineering and cruel, making an interesting, absorbing story with unexpected twists and turns.Dilly Court paints a vivid picture of life for many at this time Most of the people who live in Little Creek are living in harsh, squalid conditions, largely caused by the local Squire Tattersall who seeks to evict them Daisy is determined to do whatever she can to help, and the story deals with poverty and relationships, both in London and the countryside in a gripping, compelling way.It s great that there are going to be other books in the series, as I feel that there will be battles for these well drawn, compelling characters in store Highly recommended. arrived by stated time and safely Haven t yet read this book but am sure it will be a very enjoyable read Brilliant Another fabulous book from dilly court i love her books as she is very entertaining with her stories this is another one for my bookshelf.Excellent 5 Dilly Court brings the area of Little Creek to life The people, from the squire nasty piece of work to the poorest in the village, feel real and lived A good book that is engaging and both light and dark.I received a free advance review copy of the book This review is voluntary, honest and my own opinion. Dilly Court writes amazing sagas and this one tops them all for me The first in what I hope is a series is brilliant Easy to read with interesting, fun, courageous characters I couldn t put it down So follow the residents of Little Creak and their lives A must read. many thanks this is the first time i have made a reservation for a book and lo and behold i get it two quid cheaper cant be bad regards john The New Novel From The Sunday Times Best Selling Author The Perfect Heartwarming Romance For Christmas