Free Pdf Hereditary Magic: The Gatekeeper's Curse, Book 1Author Emma L. Adams –

A fun read with some nice twists More of the Lynn family would be good Ok, this is just a a quickie review Unfortunately, I m in in a hospital and asked my husband to post this since I don t have the time to do better even though the book definitely deserves it.Bottom line five stars This was one wonderfully fun novel and definitely recommended It had just what I wanted and was well written and with a great plot and great cast of characters. Good read now to read the next in this series love this author sBooks one of the best writer of urban fantasy Told from Ilse s POV, who was born as the eldest twin but didn t get chosen to be the Summers gatekeeper and held no magic only a protection shield The storyline is solid with mystery and plenty of action The world building and characters were written well This is a clean read with a possible future romance perhaps in the next books IIse gains magic in a very unconventional way and hides it from those outside her family River is the male lead character who is half fae who has volunteered to be the gatekeepers bodyguard There is some humour in the book, IIse is a funny character when provoked I enjoyed the read it was fun, exciting and mysterious Although I do like a bit chemistry between the main characters it was a really good read There is quite alot of violence in the book with fighting the fae so not sure what age range to recommend and there is some bad language Highly recommended Ilsa Lynn Has Made It Her Life S Goal To Avoid The Curse That Binds Her Family To Serve The Summer Court Of Faerie With Her Magically Talented Twin Sister Given The Role Of Gatekeeper, Ilsa Is Content To Hide Under The Radar Among The Regular Humans At Least Until A Mysterious Spell Book Falls Into Her Possession, Granting Ilsa With A Sudden And Inconvenient Affinity With The Dead, And Dangerous Magic That Paints A Neon Target On Her Head With Her Family S Questionable Past Quite Literally Refusing To Stay Buried, The Last Thing Ilsa Needs Is An Untrustworthy Self Proclaimed Faerie Bodyguard, Even If He Does Come With A Deadly Skillset Of His Own Dealing With Zombies And Fae Assassins Would Be Difficult Enough On Its Own, But Now Someone S Out To Frame Her For Murder, Too While Dodging Enemies At Every Corner, Ilsa Must Get A Handle On Her New Powers Before The Armies Of Faerie Invade Earth She Might Just Be In Over Her Head 1 Star DNF.2 Star Finished Didn t really enjoy.3 Star Finished Story was neither good nor bad.3.5 Star Finished Story was neither good nor bad Will probably pick up next in series if there is one.4 Star Finished Enjoyed story would reread.5 Star Bloody LOVED it I found it difficult to follow at first but as I continued I became engrossed in the story I ll certainly look out for the next volume in the series. I love the book.Love how isla is so cocky ,sassy I love her attitude and there disorderly bind her and hazel have Can t wait to start reading the next one