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The Seventh Novel In The Best Selling Shipyard Girls Series Sunderland, Christmas Is Fast Approaching And With It Comes A Flurry Of Snow And Surprises Against All Odds, Polly S Fianc Has Finally Returned Home From The Front Line If They Can Keep Things On An Even Keel, She Might Get The Winter Wedding She S Always Dreamed Of Meanwhile Shipyard Manager Helen Is Determined To Move On After A Turbulent Year Her Sights Are Set On Breaking The Yard S Production Record And No One, Not Even The Handsome Dr Parker, Is Going To Get In Her Way And Head Welder Rosie S Little Sister Charlotte Has Turned Up Unannounced Why Is She Back And So Set On Staying Join The Shipyard Girls As They Navigate Through Life, Love And War This Christmas

8 thoughts on “Christmas with the Shipyard Girls: Shipyard Girls, Book 7

  1. barb barb says:

    Still got tears in my eyes after reading this wonderful wonderful book in The Shipyard Girls series.Nancy, How brilliantly written is this sequel The fantastic shipyard girls, their friends and families, coming to life on the page, dear friends to all who have read this series You certainly did not disappoint, a wonderful novel capturing the spirit of Christmas, the true meaning The terrible ups and downs of the characters in thisq series set in the Second World War Focusing this time on Polly and Tommy Tommy returned back from war very badly injured, everyone thinking he was dead, apart from Polly although she was having doubts Their love for each other still as strong.But to those reading this review, you need to start this wonderful series from the beginning, you will not be disappointed, as soon as you start reading, you will be hooked.Wishing you Nancy, a very Happy Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year You are a very special person x

  2. Susan Garwood Susan Garwood says:

    I love, The Shipyard Girls Series This book has brought tears to my eyes, as my dad was, a diver like Tommy, at Gib, removing the limpet bombs off of our ships I have spoken to my dad, about this book, and I have learnt so much by talking to him, about what Tommy would be doing, what brave men, they where They are never mention, when, there are any war programs, the forgotten, sailors and divers Cannot wait for the next book to come out.

  3. Kathy E Kathy E says:

    Well The Shipyard Girls have me hooked with Christmas with the Shipyard Girls Another brilliant read from Nancy Revell I have read all seven of them now and look forward to reading the eighth one These are all well written books that you get into the story will all the characters A recommended read.

  4. Mrs. Pauline Totten Mrs. Pauline Totten says:

    Another episode of the shipyard girls has come to an end I found book 7 to be as good if not better than the previous books in the series The girls and their families went through a lot in this book and the end of the book brought happiness and sadness for me Reading this book l felt l was there with the girls throughout Nancy always makes feel like this while reading her books Can t wait for the next one which l have already preordered

  5. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I loved this book from page 1 Tommy and pollys love story has had its fair share of ups and downs.now Tommy has returned from the war in a very bad state but with pollys love gets a lot better.and there is also George and Lilly s wedding to look forward too as well as Tommys and pollys but things don t go to plan an excellent book 5 stars.

  6. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    As good as all the other books in the series Looking forward to the next book. Sadness, fun, love and the closeness of a community in times of war and heartache.

  7. Mrs kindle Mrs kindle says:

    Once again we meet the women welders during world war 2 As Christmas approaches we have a wedding to look forward to as Polly and Tommy finally say I do

  8. Lynted Lynted says:

    I was almost afraid to begin reading the latest book in the Shipyard Girls series, as I knew I would not be able to put it down Again such a wonderful story about these Women and their lives I cannot wait to read the next book, Nancy Revell is a great Author.