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A BIG NOVEL ABOUT A SMALL TOWN When Barry Fairbrother dies in his early forties, the town of Pagford is left in shock.Pagford is, seemingly, an English idyll, with a cobbled market square and an ancient abbey, but what lies behind the pretty fa ade is a town at war.Rich at war with poor, teenagers at war with their parents, wives at war with their husbands, teachers at war with their pupils Pagford is not what it first seems.And the empty seat left by Barry on the parish council soon becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has yet seen Who will triumph in an election fraught with passion, duplicity and unexpected revelations

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    J.K.Rowling gave a whole generation of kids an amazing fantasy to dream about Then she wrote this book that has many of the same elements, only without the safe haven of magic Basically, this is a real world where a strange man showing up at your family s doorstep at night is less likely to be a magical school groundskeeper but likely your family s drug dealer who, by the way, may not be adverse to beating and raping you for good measure It s the world left for Dudley Dursley and friends after Harry gets whisked away to magicland, and it ain t pretty I confess I m a Potter fan, too Just look at my t shirt in my profile picture I would also redo medical school in a heartbeat if only Hogwarts offered a med school curriculum Abusive family, closed mindedness, thinly veiled prejudice, bullying and constant threats all that is just the beginning of the first Potter book Later we have iron pumping Dudley hang out at deserted playgrounds, taking pride in physically abusing small children A tasteless joke to follow well, drugs may be one plausible explanation for all that followed for the Potter kid, including Harry s fantastic magicland TRIP Hehe. Okay, having got the Potter references and tasteless humor out of my system, I can start my actual review The Casual Vacancy is a book about the pettiness and selfishness and often quite unintentional cruelty of mundane human life, which does not have to be dramatic or poignant or in any other way remarkable to be tragic It s not about any grand battle between good an evil, or any significant confrontations, or any remotely heroic feats no, it is about how small little seemingly insignificant things can combine into a depressing picture of everyday tragedy Dark and gritty the description that I ve heard a few times about it it also isn t it s simply realistic and does not shy away from life s unpleasantness This is a book that is never about the destination view spoiler it doesn t really have one, actually hide spoiler

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    How not to read The Casual Vacancy 1 DON T read it just because it s written by JK Rowling.2 DON T expect it to be like Harry Potter i.e, magic stuff Read the blurb, nimrod 3 DON T expect a murder mystery it isn t one.4 DON T read it if you are not comfortable with the fact that the woman who might have moulded your childhood, is writing about drugs, teen sex, prostitution, rape etc this book isn t for you.5 DON T compare this with her previous works, for the love of God When it was announced that Jo Rowling was coming out with a new book, comparisons with the Harry Potter series were inevitable No matter how many times, and in how many interviews, Jo insisted over and over again that THIS IS NOT A HARRY POTTER BOOK NOR IS IT ANYTHING LIKE IT , a small part inside every fan, desperate for another book in the series understandably , hoped for it anyway And so, when they were invariably proved wrong, there was backlash Half the negative reviews on Goodreads are because it s not a Harry Potter book , which just pisses me off, so let s not go there The Casual Vacancy is as steeped in reality as the Harry Potter books are removed from it There s nothing fantastical about the story it s simple and plain, told by holding nothing back.The characterization in this book is simply mind blowing Each and every one of the characters is so very real I know this word s been thrown around a lot, but seriously, there s no other way to describe them and has such depth Through the course of the book, they are all ripped apart, dissected with unflinching honesty and laid bare for the readers to see There are very few likable characters in the book, whom we can root for and hope that things work out for them eventually, but all of them end up earning our sympathies in the end People have said that the characters in this book are not relatable at all I disagree Which one of us hasn t felt like a victim of the circumstances hopeless, unloved, desperate, bullied, frustrated, at the end of our tether at some point in our lives We are all in the pages of this book It s just that our stories are different I think Jo has expertly managed to capture and show the best and the worst of human behaviour in the book the worst being the inability to see beyond ourselves and our petty problems, while the best being our capability to change ourselves.Having said that, the biggest strength of the book is also, unfortunately, its biggest weakness The setting up of the characters and their lives just takes too long The plot, if you can call it that, begins to move ahead only after about 300 pages or so Which was probably the reason why it took me this long to finish the book I was plodding along until I was so caught up that I couldn t put the book down.The final few pages of the book were brilliant and typically Jo sad, yet beautiful and touching at the same time I don t understand why people say the ending was abrupt For me, there was absolute and complete closure which left me smiling and feeling content long after I finished reading Always a sign of a good book.I would like to reiterate that The Casual Vacancy will not be for everybody Some of you will probably give up after the first hundred pages, others will crawl along because it s Jo, and in the hope that she might pull a rabbit out of her hat at the end and surprise you with something magic ky she doesn t Quite a few of you will hate it, but that s probably because this not your genre and you only picked up this book because of Jo, so, in that case, it s not her, it s you.With this book, Jo has proved beyond a doubt that she can WRITE no matter what the genre is, that she still has that magical ability to tap into some part of us, connect with us and make us care, despite ourselves However, unlike the Harry Potter books, this book will probably not be changing any lives any time soon it certainly didn t change mine , but I m glad to have read it, nonetheless.

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    Not since Peyton Place has a writer so enthusiastically stripped the lace covers from small town life to show the maggots of greed, lust, snobbery, and ambition squirming beneath only Grace Metalious didn t have Jo Rowling s wicked sense of humor The village of Pagford may be British, but the human foibles there are universal Like the best social comedies, The Casual Vacancy features wit on top and outrage simmering below.

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    The Casual Vacancy Mind Blowing There is a quote in J.K Rowling s newly released book, The Casual Vacancy, that sums up the tone of this novel perfectly The mistake ninety nine percent of humanity made, as far as Fats could see, was being ashamed of what they were, lying about it, trying to be somebody else Honesty was Fats currency, his weapon and defense It frightened people when you were honest it shocked them Other people, Fats had discovered, were mired in embarrassment and pretense, terrified that their truths might leak out, but Fats was attracted by rawness, by everything that was ugly but honest, by the dirty things about which the likes of his father felt humiliated and disgusted Fats thought a lot about messiahs and pariahs about men labeled mad or criminal noble misfits shunned by the sleepy masses Rowling s departure from the world of children s fantasy takes us in an entirely different direction truth This book focuses on the truths that exist between people in a community and, importantly, the lies that tear them apart.The book starts with the death of Barry Fairbrother, a parish council member and much loved bloke about town This leaves behind a casual vacancy a much sought after spot on the town council Barry s death shakes the town of Pagford to the foundation from the council to teens on his rowing team Everyone has been affected After his death Barry becomes the most omnipresent, oft spoken of but never seen dead character since Rebecca haunted Manderley Barry is a cause and a catalyst for everything that happens in this book.This book has been much maligned in reviews I have read a number that decry it as boring, laughable, and a waste of time This made the defiant part of me rise up everyone hates it, so I have to like it Strike that, I have to love it For the record it s not a waste of time Not one second I have spent the last week reading it and I feel nothing but pleasure, and aching, gut wrenching sorrow in tandem To call this novel boring is a slap in Rowling s face This novel is heartfelt and exciting At first it s a heavily character driven romp, but then the story sweeps you off your feet and you just can t look away Rowling touches on so many factors of the human condition within the pages Emotions range from sorrow to laughter, passion to pain, and all of the spectra in between.I m not sure what book the readers who claim it was boring were reading but, trust me, this wasn t it.My theory is that the people who gave up are the fans that she acquired who are not readers those who read the books because they are the in thing so they could talk about it with their peers Their contempt for this book makes me think they are jaded, that they feel duped for buying this or any book when It s not Harry Potter.It s really their loss for giving up They re missing an otherwise perfect literary experience.On that note, if you go in expecting Harry Potter you will be disappointed I never thought I would say this but forget Harry Potter Especially while reading this book Harry Potter ended five years ago and since then Rowling has gifted us with this unexpectedly wonderful book To bemoan the fact that it s not another book set in that world is a second slap in her face Rowling is a writer Was she not supposed to write another book after finishing THE series of her career Absolutely not If anything she has a hell of a lot to prove and she proves her chops in The Casual Vacancy Where else would you find jealousy, illegal drug usage, prostitution, teenage sex, LGBT relationships, parental abuse, neglect, cutting, hope, pedophilia, boy band obsession, social politics, power struggles, rape, fear, betrayal, unrequited love, and f bombs than Sam Jackson drops in the average movie all together told in a beautiful language that makes the reader laugh, smile, and cry at unexpected turns Sometimes within sentences of one another.Sound boring It s not Like I said, I don t know what book they were reading I was completely riveted And I sobbed at the end Another truth.Sadly, there is no mention of magic, or Hogwarts, or wizards, witches, and house elves It didn t need that it has it s own unique brand of magic It doesn t mention Muggles either, but it does delve heavily into their lives and the way they interact with one another.I am very impressed by Rowling s first adult book It s literary, it s rough, it s blisteringly poignant I will miss every single character.5 out of 5 stars Brava, Rowling You have made magic out of the extraordinary ordinary Brava review courtesy of

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    28 Sept 12 I have to start by saying, that if you re expecting a murder mystery novel a plot submerged in conspiracies and political maneuverings, you will be sorely disappointed If you re hoping to be transported to another magical adventure, you ll receive an even greater plummet back down to earth Look If you re going to read this just because it has JK Rowling s name splattered on there, I strongly advise you to sit back, take a look at your computer screen, and read that book description Does it sound like something you would enjoy Does it attract you, in the least bit, at all Or does it sound utterly boring you would rather do something productive like watch Desperate Housewives back to back The Casual Vacancy is everything the title and book cover promises it to be plain, straightforward, something so commonplace and ordinary that you wouldn t even notice it s there This book doesn t try to impress anybody, I think looking at the drab red and white cover would tell you that much, but it will elicit some sort of reaction depending on how you interpret things The Casual Vacancy reminds me a lot of the Australian drama film, 2 37 view spoiler which is a great, thought provoking film, I must add hide spoiler

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    Small town gossip, big town problemsBy no exaggeration, the entire community hinged on Barry Fairbrother He was the glue, the tape, the old piece of string And, they are left scrambling to hold things together when he unexpectedly passed Why Because the entire idyllic town is festering over a cesspool of drugs, prostitution, self harm, rape, class divisions, abuse and sexism Told through ever changing narrators, we see just how Barry Fairbrother held their families their community together through his kindness and willingness to care And without him, the whole town begins to crumble Will they pull everything together Or will everything be lost forever Whoa This one was intense not at all what I expected from JK Rowling It was still good just completely unexpected The characters were well fleshed out and the plot was absolutely riveting It s a bit like watching a train wreck So many people, so many ways to uniquely ruin lives After learning all that Barry did, I m surprised that his aneurysm hadn t come earlier The book did get to be a bit overwhelming there s only so much I can take About 3 4, the book got a bit overwhelming for meIt ends on a semi positive note, with a hint of a hope that things will get better which felt fairly realistic I m glad I read this one but I don t think I ll pick up a copy Just as a note, if you are looking for something with the harry potter vibe this is not it The teens in this book are not idyllic or innocent They are already well versed in abuse, neglect, drugs and sex, courtesy of their upbringing.Audiobook Comments Tom Hollander did a pretty good job of distinguishing the characters through inflections and mannerisms With such a large cast, I think there needed to be a bit characterization to help tell them apart.Blog Instagram Twitter

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    Find of my controversial reviews at Scott Reads ItAfter rereading my review of The Casual Vacancy I realized it sounded sloppy and very unprofessional I decided to edit my entire review and start from scratch I had such high expectations for The Casual Vacancy and I was extremely letdown I ll admit that the only reason that I read this book is because I adore J.K Rowling and her Harry Potter series I was so excited to read a new J.K Rowling book that I didn t care that The Casual Vacancy was nothing like her Harry Potter series That s not to say that I secretly wished that The Casual Vacancy was some sort of spin off or sequel to Harry Potter Though J.K Rowling s writing style is evident in The Casual Vacancy, nevertheless reading The Casual Vacancy felt like a form of torture I lacked any emotional attachment or connection with the characters in The Casual Vacancy The only emotions towards the characters in this book were repulsion and extreme distaste The political structure of this book was portrayed in a manner that was unappealing and tedious I felt like The Casual Vacancy unnecessarily dirty and vulgar I believe that J.K Rowling was trying to differentiate from her children s books by adding rape, pedophilia, sex scenes, and adult content How many times can you drop the f bomb before it becomes irritating It is truly alarming how 5 star reviews I have seen that were written by people who have never even read The Casual Vacancy It truly defeats the purpose of Goodreads to review and rate a book you have never even read I wish I had a better experience reading The Casual Vacancy The Casual Vacancy was very dull and I struggled to read a few chapters One day I hope I will attempt to finish The Casual Vacancy but for now I m marking it as DNF.

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    A 81% Very Good Notes Its eager vulgarity is akin to Disney actresses trying to shed good girl reputations by over correcting their next roles.

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    Listen, people I m not extremely excited for this book because it s not fantasy And I don t mean Harry Potter s continuation Please, as much as I loved HP, I don t need to read about his kids because I cannot get myself to give a damn The end is the end I can t see how she can continue that series.Rowling has said that this book is completely different from what HP had given us It s dark, dreary, a bit personal, and is solely for adults And even though I love, love, love HP, I didn t preorder this book or went completely crazy about being the first to grab it In fact, I won t mind spending a few months waiting to read it.But J.K ROWLING IS WRITING ANOTHER BOOK WE GET TO HEAR ABOUT SOME ASPECTS OF HER PERSONAL LIFE THAT I WAS TOO LAZY TO GOOGLE STALK MYSELF AND I M SORRY FOR USING CAPLOCKS WHEN I CAN USE EXCLAMATION MARKS BUT THAT DOESN T DO JUSTICE FOR THE FACT THAT ROWLING IS WRITING ANOTHER BOOK.