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Brazen Violations was one hell of a wild ride It felt like one of those movies, you know the kind You don’t know where it’s going, and you definitely don’t know how it’s going to hold it all together to get there, but there’s so much going on, so much suspense and action that you just don’t care You couldn’t look away if you wanted to The plot was so intense that it required a tremendous amount belief suspension However, there was so much attention to detail that it made it easy to forget plausibility and just hold on for the thrills I was impressed by the character development, as not every thriller takes the time to establish such a strong relationship, even with the bad guys Reading Brazen Violations felt like watching a campy 90’s action movie, with extreme plot twists, gruesome fight scenes, and a final showdown that deserves to be on the big screen It felt too big for life, too much to take in, and too much left to end I desperately hope there will be ! ~ George, 3.5 Stars This is a fastpaced crime thriller that grabbed my attention from the minute I opened the book until the blazing end Mitch was very desperate to save his nephew who is dying of leukemia, he sold his belongings as did his sister, but neededmoney for a new drug said to be wonderful cure With nothing left, Mitch approaches a doctor one of his friends uses for meds, thinking he might be able to get the drug from him This starts a tumultuous journey as Mitch becomes a drug mule to be paid in the drug his nephew,Peter, needed.The characters are well written, the plot is slightly hard to believe, but it is fiction and makes for a great read! A new author with interesting thoughts and a well written story I don't like the quickness of the ending, wishing there was a littlethere to find out what happens, but I am definitely interested in reading the next one! I received a copy of this book from Hidden Gems and author Jonathan Macpherson, who I thank for great story and my ability to leave my thoughts in this review. This writer has a fresh voice Very exciting, fast paced Felt like I was watching a Scorsese movie! Highly recommended for lovers of crime thrillers. Exhilarating and intense, this dynamite debut is loaded with thrills and wicked fun!It is so unique, so refreshingly outofthebox, I cannot recommend it highly enough The story takes situations we are familiar with, eg crime on the black market, and approaches them from a new, sometimes shocking but constantly engaging angle that makes for rapid page turning.The characters are easy to feel for, to love and cheer for the good guys, that is, though even the villains are presented as human, rather than your standard cliches.This book is full of the unexpected I'm so tired of reading a thriller where you know what is going to happen next! There seems to be a dearth of imagination from writers of this genre Even the titles of many of them are so cliched (check some of the thrillers in my books) you just know if they're too lazy to come up with an original title, you can probably expect the writing to be lazy too I cannot recommend this thriller highly enough On the downside, there are some horror moments, but if you can stomach Game Of Thrones then you should be fine Also, it is a little short 200 pages I wanted ! The story does feel complete, but I just want to readabout these characters I would love for this to become a series!A warning if you plan to read this on the bus or train, you'll probably miss your stop! I’m an English teacher and I needed a replacement for the boring novels my students had been reading during the previous schoolyear So I browsed to find a book with an interesting story, that was less than 200 pages and had a great review score I made a list and decided to give Brazen Violations a go Sure, the story was a tad bit campy and farfetched, but the reviews were excellent and I wanted to avoid books from the literary canon.Right before the book arrived, I decided to google the author (yes, I’m a fool for not doing that before I made my purchase) I learned that Brazen Violations is the selfpublished debut of Jonathan Macpherson: a handsome, blue eyed English teacher There were no real reviews to be found on the net and I was beginning to suspect that the feedback onand had been somewhat misleading Spoiler: it was.Writing a book is very hard I know because I’ve tried it and every time I reread my draft I was disillusioned as my work of genius turned out to be a poorly written mess There’s so much you need to get “right” and no manual to guide you through the process Often I couldn’t put my finger on why my writing was flawed, so I gave up trying because I knew I would never find a publisher and I didn’t see the point in selfpublishing a subpar novel.Jonathan Macpherson chose a different path, which I can respect If you want to make it as a writer you shouldn’t let anything hold you back But after reading the book, I can tell you that all these fivestar reviews on goodreads have probably been written by people from the author’s entourage Either that, or they all happen to be easily pleased, because this is anything but a fivestar novel If there is one thing I hate, it’s being played a fool, which is why I decided to write this review.The biggest flaw is that the author constantly gives us information that should have been left unsaid because it is either unimportant or painfully obvious When the bad guys try to kill the protagonist while he is in the hospital, we read:“The nurse had been working quietly, replacing the fluids on the IV stand It had been several years since she had handled and IV drip but having done it thousands of times, it was almost second nature She took the vial from her pocket and added it to the saline solution The vial contained cyanide.”Read that last sentence with Peter Griffin’s voice and you’ll know just what I’m talking about We are also treated to the characters’ redundant thoughts When the bad guy packs a container with “a golden brown substance” the protagonist’s thoughts confirm what we already know: “Heroin, Mitch thought It really is golden brown.” This “stating of the obvious” is layered with clichés (The darkness was heavy and all around him), repetition (every time the bad guy wants to kill someone we learn that he wants to “limit liabilities”) and poor attempts at humor (“Allegedly my cock is the biggest in the building […] according to your mother”).Every single character is an empty vessel; a cardboard cutout borrowed from popular culture and glued to mundane background I never related to any of them We rarely learn something interesting about their psyche and there is no psychological development whatsoever The bad guys are supposedly ruthless sociopaths but when the cops get too close, one of them almost gets a heart attack and the other one LITERALLY shits his pants So the style is crude and the characters are a joke, but what about the plot? I shall not complain about the premise of the novel, because I knew that in advance However, the development of the plot is so ludicrous, that the author is constantly having to pull strings in order to make all the pieces of the puzzle fit The overthetop choices of the characters cascade into a series of implausible events and we can clearly see the hands of the puppet master frantically trying to keep everything under control Despite all his painfully obvious efforts, Macpherson loses his grip and the ending of the novel is as trivial as it is contrived I must admit that “Brazen Violations” was an easy read and that I effortlessly read the entire thing from start to finish, despite its many, many flaws So if you like the summary and you’re just looking for an easy read during the summer holidays, perhaps the 3 dollar kindle version isn’t a terrible waste of money Just be aware that the flawless ratings are as absurd as the plot of this novel. Stephen King meets Breaking Bad!Absolutely compelling reading!!I hadn't read a good thriller in ages and this was positively enthralling.Edgy, original and and loaded with tension Highly recommended.Caralho! Brazen Violations A nail biting thriller NotRetrouvez Brazen Violations A nail biting thriller you won t want to put down et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasionPrior Violations Brazen Violations PrequelNotRetrouvez Prior Violations Brazen Violations Prequel et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasion Brazen Violations by Jonathan Macpherson Brazen Violations was one hell of a wild ride It felt like one of those movies, you know the kind You don t know where it s going, and you definitely don t know how it s going to hold it all together to get there, but there s so much going on, so much suspense and action that you just don t care You couldn t look away if you wanted to brazen violation Traduction franaise Linguee De trs nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant brazen violation Dictionnaire franais anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions franaises Brazen Violations Kindle edition by Macpherson, Brazen Violations is crime thriller written with the intention of keeping you thinking while making your hair stand on end as you sit on the edge of your seat If you love crime novels like The Silence of the Lambs and Out of Sight , TV shows like Breaking Bad , and movies like Goodfellas and The Departed , there s a good chance you ll enjoy Brazen Violations Brazen Violations by MacPherson, Jonathan Buy Brazen Violations by MacPherson, Jonathan online onat best prices Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase A desperate man, Mitch, takes on an illegal and risky task to try and save his nephew, who is suffering from a rare type of leukaemia It involves going to see the ‘Doc’, who can get illegal drugs you need The drugs Mitch’s sister requires for her son is very expensive and the hospital won’t pay for it Doc fits him with a hidden cache and he travels home but it arrested and the cache found.Now he owes the criminals for the payment of the drugs he needs for his nephew, in full Mitch is being guarded in hospital while he recovers from the journey and is being investigated by a straight laced detective called Betts He wants Mitch to give up the identities of all those involved in the drug transfer, but Mitch believes it wasn’t his fault, so surely, the criminals will still give him the drugs Naïve Mitch really doesn’t have a clue about these matters.Betts comes to interview Mitch and wants him to give details on all the criminals involved with the drug transfer through Doc There are threats of kidnapping and chaos at every step Mitch must try to get out of the hospital as his nephew is looking worse, every day Betts is taken by the criminals and they install a listening and watching device in his chest, to allow them to see and hear what Mitch and the Mitch are actually saying about the gang.Betts will have to try and outsmart the criminals and find the members of the gang and keep Mitch and his family safe This book covers some real medical dilemmas that are coming to the front in today’s news – expensive medicines that the hospitals in areas, won’t pay for, leaving parents desperate and willing to do anything to help their child The other book, Outback Creed, by this author, is also one that has a very realistic background to the story It makes for a great read and there is always something going on to keep your interest I have enjoyed reading two of the author’s books and now look forward to someI would recommend it to anyone who likes crime thrillers with a realistic twist Enjoy!I received an ARC copy of this book from Hidden Gems and I have freely given my own opinion of the book above Some are annoyed with the use of different terminology – but I believe in this day and age that most people know what these words mean or can work it out by the context Maybe even look the word up if you don’t know it – that’s what I do for any word I’ve never heard of Most people use either American or British English or a mix of both Authors come from all around the word, as do their readers, you can never please everyone with which you use. Ridiculous! A Brazen Mess!🔫🔪I tried to like this book but it's so ridiculous! When Betts let's the little boy, Peter, look at his gun in the hospital, I thought, "that's it"! This book is a fantasy mess and not in a good way There was just too much off the wall stuff going on There is a lot of gore and downright creepy stuff that I won't go into because it would gross you out, for one thing! I have read hundreds of detective🔫 and spy thrillers and this is not worth reading.ARC Received from Hidden 💎GemsI also got this book with KU. This was an awesome fast paced action filled drama I was completely enraptured by the storyline But I couldn't believe the ending, the author just didn't complete this story An abrupt unexplainable ending with no extra information on the characters future made the worth of the storyline drop from a 100 to 75 for me.